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I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching that or of hearing Kristi's beautiful voice! Thank you so much for sharing this, David! I miss all of you already!

Oh David...thanks for posting this! When and where did she sing this? Oh how I miss her!

thank you for posting...so beautiful.


So awesome!!! She had a beautiful voice. I know she is singing her heart out in Heaven. Miss her so much.

I remember this at the celebration of her life Saturday and seeing her singing this, at the end knowing it was her, took my breath away!

There are no words to express our loss but God's greatest joy. Through Kristi's life, you can see that Saturday, the impact she made on others. Let me just say 950 people to be exact!

She brought people to God like no one I have ever seen. That was no accident, she knew what she was doing with God's help! Thank you for sharing her with us, that is a gift directly from her :)

I love you Kristi my sweet friend and I will never get tired of doing my baking out of love because that is how you live on through me :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea Kristi had that kind of voice or talent. Guess that is what I get for being out of the loop all these years. David, thanks so much for sharing that!!

Thank you Kristi. I love to hear and watch you sing!

I love you, Daddy

No words can describe what my heart feels. God put me in the right place, at the right time to have the opportunity to learn of the Shores and DeVore families. This, in itself, has been a blessing to me.

Simply enough, I love you guys and for the joy you bring to me in knowing you.


I can't believe she is gone, her legacy lives on. Everyday I still hear that sweet voice.... She has an amazing spirit... I long to see her again one day.

Thanks for posting this. I didnt get to make it to Florida for the services.

I miss you, Kris. <3

David, I was just wishing that I had heard Kristi's voice. Thank you so much for putting this sweet tribute to your precious sister together.
She has a beautiful voice, and we all know she is still singing. You all will remain in our hearts and our prayers. Love you so much.

Thank you David for sharing this beautiful to tribute to sweet Kristi and the mark that she made on this earth and the amount of lives she truly touched while she was here. Love and prayers to you all! Stay strong and hang in there! Love, Cheryl Rohrbaugh

Kristi really did have such a beautiful voice. It matched her incrediably beatiful heart.

I also wanted to add that she sang this at my wedding :) I miss her a lot.

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