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Thanks for sharing this with us. We are all so blessed to have been/and still are a part of her life...she will live forever in heaven and in our hearts and minds.

That doesn't surprise me one bit, to hear of her goodness from someone you didn't even know! God is good like that isn't he??

Kristi was a servant from the minute I met her. Bringing lunch to us at church while we put bulletins together for services. I keep replaying her laugh in my mind and it makes me smile......that cackle when she really got tickled over something. What a blessing she has been to us all. Really going to miss her when it finally sinks in that she is gone.

Kristi still walks among us through the love she showed others. Her love was genuine. Her love was the same love our Savior gave us all the capacity to have and to show. Some of us are fortunate enough to have had this love shown to us.


Got to love that, this lady knew to give you a piece of a memory of Kristi. She keeps whispering to us through others and we just got to continue the talks and we have to keep our ears open to those in need. Pay it forward was Kristi's heart and we need to continue to honor her in giving Jesus love to others in any way possible. I know my life has come even closer to God and I have tendered my heart a lot more then I use to. If I can do a little something everyday that is pleasing to God, I know I will be 25% of what Kristi was. Never knew a stranger that one! She still serves us well. I feel her love and I know everyone else does too :) love you Kristi. My sweet baker friend. Life is different without you here with us to hold but we know you live on through us by our actions as long as we are open. For now, we will surround your family until you are all together again. xoxoxoxo

Wow, she is always with us.So special to so many... I love and miss her so much!

One night on the way into the neighborhood, one of the sweet guards at the front also stated how much Kristi had touched him in just a month of knowing her!

Our Kristi has made a HUGE impact!

Tiffany, one of the guards at the front gate that you speak of is Bruce Jeralds. He has posted several comments on this site, as well as on others. Kristi did touch many lives that we will never know, but those that we do know bless us so much. Thank You Lord for those whispers that You send to us. We do cherish all of them.

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