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What a wonderful life celebration! I'm so glad I could be a part of this!!!

Thank you all, DeVores and Shores and Nolls, for putting together such an uplifting service. We expected to be overwhelmed with grief, attending Kristi's Memorial Service. We were blown away at how hopeful we felt as we drove home. You celebrated life. Thank you.

You all are an inspiration. Keep growing closer in the after math. Please lean on us, your family in Christ, as you walk through the grieving process.

We are here for you. We love you all so.

Wendy and Larry Leech

I have to say amen to what Wendy and Larry wrote. "Uplifting" that is how this whole experience has been. Yes there is grief and saddness and longing to see Kristi's sweet smile but there has from the very beginning been an "unplifting" and reminder of our Lord. Thank you all for reminding us all that are God is bigger than ANY circumstance. Your faith has changed me forever.

You will always be in our prayers.....The Battle Family!

THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS VIDEO. So many times I have talked about this day and this video to so many people and now it is here for the world to see the beauty that Kristi is. God has a mighty plan for all of us and no matter what the devil throws at us, we know that his word is true and we need to honor him and through Kristi's memory, he lives in all of us. There aren't enough words to say how much I love my friend and I know that one day Dinner Diva....we will see you face to face again and thankfully for eternity. DeVore Shores Family.....YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for being who you are and knowing that you have faith in God so strongly makes more people want to do better then ever before and that includes me. What a gift God gave us through Kristi and these families. My heart is full and I am thankful. xoxoxoxox

Thank you Celebration Church for providing this recordng of Kristi's celebration service. You have gone over and beyond the call and we are so grateful! May God continue to be gloried through you all. We love you so much.

Thank you for sharing. What a powerful testimony.

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