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Ryan.... you are my hero too!

What an honor to have 950 pay their respects. She touched many lives.

Ryan! Cute, yes... I pray you have many more years here! :0)

950 people. Love it... She is so very loved. I was totally there in spirit.

I love you Kristi. You are amazing. I am still in shock in all this. Mainly because you were such a strong force in my life. I talked to you about pretty much EVERYTHING. I will miss our talks but I think I will still be having them with "you"... bc I still feel you very close.

Can't believe your gone... but I am very happy you are safe and basking in the glory of the LORD.

Love Love Love... forever my sweet lylas.


Love you Ryan. Kristi & all of us r proud of you!

Your wife meant so much and we were honored to be lucky enough to celebrate her with you. How gracious was she to allow us to be part of her life!!! Ryan, you have her heart in those babies. She knows your going to fall a little but she will be there to guild you. Keep talking to her and encourage those great kids to keep talking to her. When those balloons went up today and unusually in one formation and never separated... It was as if they were heading to her party in the sky! It was unmeasurable. Lord it was good to be blessed with her to have for a minute but like you Ryan, we all can't wait to see her again but your right for now we won't disappoint her in any way by not paying it forward in everyday possible. She would want all of us to show Jesus love to anyone we can and Ryan, if I as her friend can be 25% of what she was to everyone, I will have done her proud. Thank you Kristi for bringing us all together and teaching us that even the smallest acts of kindness will not be unnoticed by the Lord like you. Your kingdom that he built for you. I'm sure when we come home, you will welcome us in your home and show us the same love and hospitality you did here. Cheers my sweet girl, we love you and miss you soooo very much. The party was awesome. Thank you for the invite!!!! xoxoxoxo love your cake buddy- Jenn

I have not had the privilege of meeting you yet, however I did meet Krisit last year at a shower she was catering. Only after a month of knowing Kristi she brought me a meal when my daughter was born. What a generous heart! I felt like I had known Kristi for years--that is how she made people feel. I so enjoyed seeing her at Sisterhood every Wednesday and getting to know her better. The service was a testimony to the countless lives Kristi touched and will continue to touch for years to come. I was very moved by the entire service especially when she was singing. I pray that my life would display the true servants heart and love for others that Kristi's life displayed. I pray for you and your family as you mourn the loss of sweet Krisit. Your love for her has been touching to say this least and I hope to meet you and your children someday.

It was beautiful - truly an excellent expression of Kristi.The Church really did an amazing job. I heard a figure more like 995 but since you are at the source of the info yours is probably more accurate. The same loving grace-filled Lord who brought you all this far pour out in more abundance in the coming weeks and months. We love you so much Aunt Esther

Ryan - all the beautiful pictures made me realize I have a few to share with you - it's from when Kristi and I served ice cream to David's class last year in 4th grade when the art room became a classroom. Let me know where to email them


I only had a brief moment to meet your loving wife, Kristi. After having read these pages I wished I had known her as others had.
I really wish I had this magic phrase to make you know how truly sorry I am. A phrase that could grasp everything a heart can feel.
She will never be far from you. She will watch over you. Never stop loving her.


Thank you to all who had a part of making the service to celebrate Kristi's life one that shared her so well and one that glorified our heavenly Father. We will cherish this day and praise God that Kristi's life demonstrated His love for all. Celebration Church has made Kristi's last five years one that she enjoyed so much and helped her live all of her dreams. It is you I live for ~ Jesus! Thank you Kristi for showing us how to live this word.
Heb. 13:1-2

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