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I would totally be there if i could... Loving u Kristi...celebrating you from a far.

Ryan. I just loved her. Please post a pic or two for me to see how it all went, if you could.

Thanks. I am there in spirit! <3

I'm there and I can't imagine being anywhere else!!!! It's all about you Kristi :)

Ryan, I just finished making some food for the Celebration of our Diva tomorrow. Thinking of her and talking to her while I prepared. How I will miss that chick! I didnt get to spend near as much time with her as I would have like and when we did, we were usually `working'. What a love she was! Seems so surreal but I know she is soooooo incredibly happy looking into the face of God right now!!How amazing that has to be for her. Its so sad for us, but she is where we all long to be. Dancing with the Angels, walking in new light! Dancing with the Angels, Heaven fills her eyes!! ....she had love for all people, love for her family, love for the Father and Son. ......there is so much that I dont understand, but I KNOW....she's daning with the angels....walking in new light!!! dancing with the Angels..Heaven fills her eyes!!!

The Washburns send our love and are praying that today is a very special day honoring such a wondering wife, mother, friend and sister. Hugs and kisses from our crew of 5.

Ryan... wish so much I could be there. You are both special to me and your children! I loved her very much. Happy Homecoming Kristi!!!

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